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Type erudition
MS reference 025v.33-38
Work Armys
Edition reference 3.8.51-52
Stevenson reference 87.8-15
French/Latin citation puis quil luj a donne sa foy & son serement
Context And jn the samyn cas /. say j of a knycht yat is wageour' till a king or a lorde /. puis quil luj a donne sa foy & son serement / Sen jt is sa . yat he has maid him athe - and gevin him his faith /- Than suld he stand with him to the vtterest and tak lyf and dede / and prisoune / and othir fortune as jt may cum till hand to sauf his honour' and his lawtee /- and for defens' of justice & rychtwis' querele
Note Nys: "puisque il lui donne sa foy et son serment" (81).
Translated in text? yes


Works in the Hay Manuscript are indicated in these pages as follows: Armys = The Buke of the Law of Armys; Knychthede = The Buke of the Ordre of Knychthede; Princis = The Buke of the Gouernaunce of Princis.

"MS reference" indicates the folio, side of folio, and line number of the citation in the Hay Manuscript, NLS, Acc. 9253. An "m" appended to such a reference indicates location in the folio margin, outside the main text block.

"Edition reference" indicates the location of the citation in my edition of Hay's works. For Knychthede and Princis the reference is to chapter and line number: The Prose Works of Sir Gilbert Hay, vol. III, STS 4th ser. 21 (Edinburgh: STS, 1993). For Armys, the reference is to part, chapter, and line number: The Prose Works of Sir Gilbert Hay, vol. II, STS 5th ser. 3 (Edinburgh: STS, 2005).

"Stevenson reference" refers to page and line number in the edition of Hay's prose by J. H. Stevenson: Gilbert of the Haye's Prose Manuscript, 2 vols., STS 44 and 62 (Edinburgh: Blackwood, 1901, 1914). Stevenson's edition of Armys is in vol. 1; his editions of Knychthede and Princis are in vol. 2.

In the notes, "Nys" refers to Ernest Nys, ed., L'Arbre des Batailles d'Honoré Bonet (Brussels: Librairie Européenne C. Marquardt, 1883). "Minervini" refers to Vincenzo Minervini, ed. Livre de l'ordre de chevalerie, Biblioteca de Filologia Romanza, no. 21 (Bari: Adriatica Editrice, 1972).